Gemini 3h is live, marking a new chapter in the series of Gemini testnets!


Join our ambassador program and help build a community supporting awareness of the Subspace Network.
Learn more about the project

Ambassador Benefits

Provide direct contributions to something you are interested in, gaining amazing experience along the way

Early Access

Priority access to the Subspace Network events, hackathons,
and more


Direct access to the
Subspace team and Lead Ambassadors
for education and support


Access to private Ambassador group and regular calls with the team and other Ambassadors

How You Can Contribute

You can choose an area to contribute, depending on your skills
and the area in which you want to grow

Community: help to build a blossoming community of farmers

Technical: be among the first cohort of farmers and provide feedback

Content: write articles and create videos with our support

Design: сreate NFTs, stickers, visual graphics, and other artwork

Translations: create accurate translations to help increase our reach

Leadership: help set the standards of our community,
establishing the way forward for a truly decentralized protocol

Our ambassadors

Don't just take our word for it
Lead Ambassador
Lead Ambassador

Hi I'm Emil from Canada! When I research a blockchain project there's few things I'm paying attention to:
1) How modern and innovative is the technology behind it?
2) Would it affect the world we are living in for the better?
3) Would my personal opinion matter and could I shape the way the project develop?
For me personally Subspace checks all the boxes: that's a unique blockchain available for usual people to be a part of, with a strong community of enthusiasts who are putting a lot of thoughts into its development and a great team behind it. That's a thrilling place to work with comminuty members and listen to everyone's opinion. I'm excited about what is about to come!

Lead Ambassador

I'm Salih, I am a 28 year old Mechanical engineering student and crypto enthusiast from Germany.
Currently, I am a Lead Ambassador for Subspace and very happy to help shape Subspace's future together with the Community. As a Web3 believer, I hold onto the ethos of decentralization and Subspace is a big step forward for not only the Dotsama Community but the Blockchain space as a whole.
Become an Ambassador too and Let us together help in this process and be a part of this new movement.
Everyone is welcome!

Lead Ambassador

Want to work with us?

We are actively hiring for several positions across our engineering and business teams.

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