Gemini 3h is live, marking a new chapter in the series of Gemini testnets!
A TRUE 4th Generation Blockchain

Farm from anywhere

Earn rewards by running a farmer node by pledging spare disk. No expensive setup or upfront capital is required.


Run the farmer node in the background on your computer without affecting your daily usage, with minimal maintenance.

Easy to setup 

To set up the application takes only a few minutes. It supports Linux, Windows and macOS operating systems.

Frequent rewards 

Get rewarded by contributing to a globally distributed network that gives control back to users and creators.

Why subspace network

Get rewarded by pledging spare disk space while staying eco-friendly.
Help us shape the future of Web3 - open, inclusive, and community-owned.

Pledge storage, farm coins

Easy to set up
fair Rewards

Easily share disk space on your home computer and earn Subspace Credits for helping secure a globally distributed network. The application is easy to set up within minutes and requires minimal active maintenance.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Any consumer-level computer can join Subspace Network and start earning rewards.

If you can play a game or watch Netflix on your computer, it can most likely run a farmer node.

The node application supports Linux, Windows, and macOS operating systems.

4 dedicated CPU cores

8GB of RAM

100GB of hard drive space

Become a farmer now!

Easy to setup
fair Rewards

Anyone can share storage on their home computer and earn rewards for producing blocks.

The simple to follow command line interface is lightweight, easy to set up (within minutes), and eco-friendly. Join the most distributed network now!

Want options?

Many ways to farm!

There are many options to get your farmer node up and running. We outline them below in order of complexity, based on the level of technical knowledge required.

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