Gemini 3h is live, marking a new chapter in the series of Gemini testnets!

Subspace Labs Team

We are an international, remote-first team of crypto enthusiasts and protocol hackers.
Learn more about how we work: Subspace Labs Team Handbook

A distributed team
for a distributed protocol

Want to work with us?

We are actively hiring for several positions across our engineering and business teams.

Subspace began several years ago as an idea for a layer two network suitable for building decentralized applications at scale. Along the way we learned the fundamental problem in the crypto space lies in designing a fair and sustainable layer one that remains secure and decentralized. While inspired by many other projects, we ultimately felt that all existing and proposed solutions were inadequate. We've spent the last few years doing the hard work of researching and designing a novel protocol from scratch that lives up to these ideals.

The Subspace Network is being built by Subspace Labs and will be transitioned to the Subspace Foundation at Mainnet Launch

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