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Dilithium: Subspace Consensus v2

April 12, 2023

This article is the third episode of our blog series titled “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Subspace,” introducing the new Subspace consensus called dilithium. This blog series aims to share insights into our intuition behind construction and design choices.

The first episode of the series discusses polynomial Proofs-of-Replication for Subspace v2 and the usage of Reed-Solomon (RS) codes and Kate-Zaverucha-Goldberg (KZG) commitments, as well as their benefits and challenges. The second episode introduces schemes combining KZG and RS in a distributed data storage context and provides an overview of existing constructions such as Polygon Avail and Ethereum Danksharding. I strongly recommend reading these two articles first for background information.

Read the full article here

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