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Subspace Labs has delivered a NSF Grant

July 1, 2020

Over an 18 month period, beginning around January 2019, Subspace Labs conducted primary research and development towards the creation of a persistent, decentralized database anchored to a public, permissionless blockchain.

While we did design and implement a novel architecture for a decentralized database service, known as Subspace Database (SSDB), we were not able to launch the service as we could not find a sufficient blockchain to anchor on to. Instead, we were forced to spend the majority of our research time (with a requested no-cost extension) to design and implement a suitable public, permissionless blockchain, based on proofs of space and time.

Demonstrating the security of the blockchain architecture proved far more difficult than simply devising a working construction and it took multiple iterations of design and implementation work before we came upon a fully secure protocol. The end result was a secure, working ​implementation​ of a novel blockchain protocol in less than 10,000 lines of Rust and described separately in a​ technical white paper​.

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