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The original Subspace Whitepaper

June 1, 2018

A purely peer-to-peer storage network would allow users to have full control over data they generate on the Internet without going through a remote server. Users could host their data directly on devices they already own, while replicating it across other devices on the network in a secure and persistent manner.

We propose subspace, a decentralized key-value store with a familiar Javascript API that makes it easy for developers to build apps where users may own their data. Subspace is a peer-to-peer network of edge devices connected over WebRTC that is accessible via any browser, mobile or desktop app. Data is replicated and encrypted at rest in a cryptographically secure schema spread across multiple devices, with a verifiable proof of replication.

Hosts pledge free space to the network in return for regular distributions of subspace credits from client apps and users. These agreements are encoded as smart contracts on a distributed ledger secured by Proof of Space consensus. Subspace aims to be a simpler construction of a decentralized storage network focused on developer usability that seeks mass adoption by end users.

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